Well hey there.

I’m Amy, but you can just call me…  Amy. If I ever have children, I’ll have only one wish for them- that their names will be capable of producing epic nicknames.

So I don’t really know what to tell you. I love life. Actually, I love loving life. Got it? Good. I’m a design student and a farmer’s daughter with an unhealthy addiction to Pinterest, baked sweets and silly quotes. I like to believe I’m chasing my dreams. I started AmyXo because, well, I like writing, and I like stuff- you know, cooking, decorating, making, photographing- and hopefully, inspiring.  Join me, if you want to!

– Amy, Xo.


Pssst! Here’s my first post ever, if you want to know a little more about me: AmyXo is born! (Not literally, silly.)


3 thoughts on “About

    • Sophia, hey! :D Thank you so much for your lovely comment, made my day :) I’m just having a peek at your blog, and I LOVE it! Thanks again, look forward to checking out your posts :)

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