I’ve noticed a very strong theme in the blogging world of late. Namely, the new year that is upon us.

So naturally,


I decided to share a picture of my filthy feet.

But just in case this doesn’t make absolute perfect sense to you, I will explain the relationship between this and 2014. One of my most important resolutions for this year is to capture every day. Much like my 365 project last year, except this time, I will happily record each day however I can: a photo, of course; a drawing or painting (woo!); a video; a note, a quote, or even song lyrics. Anything that captures just how my life felt that day and brings my memories alive!

So the feet: they will remind me of the day I spent squirming about in the dirt, burning my hands on corrugated iron and pinching my fingers with pliers- building a compost bin for my mum. And what a hot, sticky, LONG day (the sun didn’t set until 7pm!) it was- but it felt great when it was done.

Anyway, I can’t wait to share more resolutions with you guys- especially since another one was to dedicate time to anything that matters– obvious, right? But when it comes to things like blogging or practicing my Spanish, time just seems to slip away!

Happy 2014 everyone! And I sincerely hope we can all make it count.

– Amy, xo.


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