DIY Photo Frame!

And about time I wrote another DIY post!
I made this for one of my closest friends, ‘just because’. I think those are the best kinds of presents- when you don’t have any particular reason, other than to remind someone you care.

At the time, I was actually in the midst of a big design project, and it became my inspiration:DIY Photo Frame!
Plus I had a few left over materials from it (always a good incentive).
Anyway, here’s how I made it!DIY Photo Frame!
1> You’ll need: a timber photo frame, a whole heap of those little sticks (I have no idea what you call them, but they look kinda like toothpicks, minus the pointy bit), paints and craft glue. 2> I gently sanded my frame a little, to make sure the glue would hold. 3> The fun part! Get your sticks and your paint (and definitely some newspaper!) and go crazy. Just gather up your sticks and randomly jab and streak and brush them to your heart’s content. I used a few colours at once so they would mix and be pretty :) 4> You’ll need, like, a lot. 5> I drew a few quotes and patterns on some of mine, just for a sweet personal touch! 6> And now you glue. I alternated the sticks in the corners, just following the join, and also some of the sticks needed cutting (Stanley knife or scalpel works) down to fit.

And after hours upon hours of tough labour (slightest of exaggerations)… You’re done.DIY Photo Frame!
And you can probably see that I threw some glitter on there too. Cuz she’s that kinda girl. Hope you guys like it, I was quite proud of my efforts and my friend seemed pretty stoked too!
DIY Photo Frame!
Thanks for checking it out!!
Amy, xo

PS: Sorry for the less-than-spectacular-quality pictures: I took these before I got my SLR camera!


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