What a wonderful, exhilarating, exciting and… kinda scary month!
First, there were big decisions to be made. And I think I made the right one. I decided to take some time off to myself, to travel, relax, and find happy again. And I have no regrets. I really needed this time to myself and after the past 18 months, I feel like I deserve it.
And since then I’ve had a wonderful time! I spent a lot of time planning my birthday picnic- from invitations to cakes in jars (!) all the way down to little details like tags, boxes and fabrics. I loove details!
I also had fun making these criss-cross flags for my room, and lots of other little decorations I’m yet to share!
I think my favourite part of August was the amount of time I got to spend with my friends. I’ve learnt just how valuable these beautiful, crazy people are, and I got the chance to see many long-lost friends who live insane distances away! Okay, technically that was September. Whatever guys. It was nice.
I loved August. I hope I can have just as much fun in September.
Flowers. To break up all dat nasty text ;)

Anyway, I’m setting a few simple goals for September, just to keep me on track,
1. Spend time with those who matter. (This includes my dogs ;)) I’ve already made a good start on this one!
2. WORK. I know guys, I’m boring. BUT YOU CAN’T GET TO EUROPE ON LOVE. I mean what.
3. Do art. I was never much of an arteest, but I just like the idea, and the self-expression of it all. (I do actually know how to spell, but this is how I say ARTIST in my head.)
4. Find my passion. Without sounding all mopey and lame, I’ve been struggling lately to feel much. And I’d like to, you know? I just want to get back into my sports and crafts and whatever else and go a little crazy with passion.
Actually, speaking of which. There’s this incredibly interesting article over at Hyperbole and a Half, a blog I used to read religiously until the author got depression and took some time off. It’s so very worth reading for pretty much anyone, but especially if you know someone in that situation.
Anyway, that’s enough for me. Look at all these words! Anyone’d think this was a blog or something.

Thanks for reading!
Amy, xo


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