Big Decisions.

I’m never too sure how much I want to share online but I do want you guys to understand what’s happening in my world at the moment.

So. 2013 is my first year at university, studying design. And I love it. I love the course and the people and the city I’m living it- but.- I’ve decided to take some time off. To work, travel and hopefully figure out what I’m trying to do with my life. Which sounds a little spontaneous, or as my G’ma seems to think, radical. But the part I was hesitating to tell you was of my Dad’s recent passing. We lost him to brain cancer and even though I thought it would be okay just to carry on like normal, it’s really not. I won’t bore you with the details of my mental stability (that was a joke..), but I feel like taking the safe option isn’t going to make me happy, and that’s why I need to leave.

But don’t count me out just yet! I have not plans on leaving the blogging community anytime soon- I am growing to really love writing, reading and meeting other people like me out there! Hopefully this time off will even give me the chance to post more often!

Thanks so much to the few readers I have, it makes me so happy that someone out there finds my little blog interesting enough to spend their precious time here!


As always,
Amy, xo.


3 thoughts on “Big Decisions.

  1. Hey Amy,

    Happy to know you’re following your heart, cuz one never knows…, what you’re looking for may simply present itself to you :) and this ‘looking for’ stuff seldom appears when you’re actually seeking it
    Sometimes, trusting the universe is the best option & your post just proves that you abundantly trust it :) Go for it gal..Happy to peep into your journey :)
    Take care n best wishes for a grand exciting journey ahead

    • Thanks so much Shraddha, I’m really excited to keep blogging and it’s so nice to meet other like-minded people out there! You’re so right, sometimes you just have to believe that everything is going to fall into place eventually. Some great advice you have. Xx

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