ATTENTION ALL SINGLES. We are not alone. Well actually, we are. That’s the problem. I’ve been swooning over Pinterest ‘date jars’ since the day they hit the internet- with one small shortfall. So if you’re like me and ridin’ solo, look on the bright side- you can put whatever you want in your dateless date jar.
I feel like including instructions would be an insult to your intelligence, because it’s a jar. Filled with paddle pop sticks. Covered with sweet outings, places, excursions, dares and whatever else takes your fancy! You could even get real cray and COLOUR CODE them. Evidently I’m lazier than that. But I do like the sweet touch my ribbons add.

Simple, sweet, and I can’t wait to start using mine!
Until next time,
Amy, xo


2 thoughts on “DIY: DATELESS Date Jar

  1. Its a gr8 idea that demonstrates & reinforces for ourselves, that we are totally worth it!! Worth all the fun, all the love & worth all the gr8 ideas :) Loved it!!
    Love all the cool stuff you’ve put in!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. Exactly! I don’t think we should have to miss out :P Plus, it’s so much more fun when you get to pick exactly what you want to do, and who with!
    Thanks so much, I’m really enjoying blogging so far! :)

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