DIY: Mini Dreamcatcher


For some reason I’ve always loved dreamcatchers that use RIBBONS instead of feathers. But maybe that’s just me.


But there is one thing you cannot deny- is it not the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen??


I won’t deny that there is some pretty tough competition out there, but it’s up there, you know?
Anyway. Enough puppy, more dreamcatcher.

Here we go:

Um, actually,  I made it at midnight (literally. This is how I spent my New Years. Because I’m that HARDCORE.), and pretty much winged it (not that this is unusual..), so I didn’t even consider taking how-to shots. So you’re gonna have to trust my written word.
Okay, so you start with a ring (mine was metal, but anything circular and ring-ish would be fine. Hulla hoop, anyone?) and wrap a thin strip of leather all the way around, super gluing as you go. Leave the ends long enough to make a loop (I knotted mine, trimmed it, and glued the knot to the back).

Then, using elastic (tried string, it went saggy- oh DAYUM gurrrlll. Um, what?), make a star and tie it off somewhere inconspicuous. Sneaky, cheeky knots.

Now tie on the ‘tails’. This is my favourite part- I chose a whole heap of ribbons and fabrics that meant something to me or belonged to some special memory.


And you’re done! Yay for super-speedy crafting! Feel free to sit back and admire. Or go to sleep because you’re rather exhausted and why are you even awake at midnight.


More DIY coming soon!

Amy, xo


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