Happy Easter – And welcome to April!

Well, depending on which side of the world you’re on, you are probably doing one of the following:

1. Enjoying chocolate and hot cross buns as you celebrate Easter.

2. Warily avoiding April Fool’s Day pranks (or planning them!)

3. Or sleeping.

I feel like the third option may have the majority. But anyway, I just wanted to wish you guys a lovely (late/early/perfectly timed?) Easter, and wish you all the best for April, and whatever you have planned for this month.

On that note- Mum and I made Hot Cross Buns! I love the store bought varieties, but these were just INSANE. In a good way.


And also. It’s April. A new month. Which means a new goal for me.

Just a little review of my March goal- to be healthier. WHY DID I CHOSE THIS ON EASTER?? My self-control tends to struggle at the best of times and I really don’t think I’ve earned ‘my reward’- a design book.

But anyway. Renewed hope, and all that. So April: I have several expectations of you. Weekly goals this time- smaller steps.

1. I’ve been very slack on my blog lately. So I will resolve to write AT LEAST one post weekly.
EDIT: Um, this is awkward.

2. My room- well, dorm- décor is another thing that really needs addressing. Every week, I want to see a significant change (from small daily progress).

Alright folks, I hope you’re enjoying whatever you’re doing on this fine day- thanks for checking my blog out!

Amy, xo.


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