February Fallouts; March Missions

Check out that alliteration! Sometimes my grasp of the English language even amazes me. That was sarcasm. Just so you know.

Goal-setting has always been one of my favourite (yes, FAVOURITE.) pastimes. Unfortunately, after they’re written I lose motivation way too quickly. But I’m learning! I’m starting to see the trick to achieving my goals.

..Which is?? More goals, of course! Short-term building blocks.Image

I started with 2KaDay. Like, Mile A Day. Australian style. We’re weird, whatever. In the New Year I resolved to look after my body and soul, so in February I aimed to run 2 kilometres a day. Baby steps, you see?

And it wasn’t a totally inspiring success story. I missed days. I’m not going to say how many, because, well, I’m a little ashamed. But I’m okay with it, because I still ran a lot more than normal and I’m still happy with how much I achieved!

And now for The March Mission: to eat less, and healthier. So, smaller servings. Only eat to 80% fullness. Plan meals ahead. That kind of thing. Pretty simple.

This time, I’ve put a light at the end of the tunnel to keep my motivation up.Image

If I’m happy with my eating habits by the end of March, I’ll reward myself with an interior design book from my Amazon list. Yay!

Thanks for reading!!
Amy xo


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